Spark Plug stands 15' tall and is a TWH gray gelding six year old  1050#
been ridden lots of miles in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee
Nice natural gait with lots of style, excellent for intermediate rider
crosses creeks with no problem ,will go anywhere you point him


Monkee is a 15'2 hand gray gelding  Missouri Foxtrotter Cross

has been ridden lots

in Ozark Mountains big and stout big bone
easy traveler anyone can ride

Frostys Perfect Rhythm 

(#21500583) – Registered TWHBEA 5 year old Blue Roan Gelding – 15.3 hands
Frosty is a nice registered TWHBEA 5 year old Blue Roan gelding that is 15.3 hands. We have owned him for the last 3 years and he has had extensive trail experience. Frosty is used to bull whips, drags logs, neck reins, backs up, and has lots of heart. He is a really nice gelding that would be great for trail, ranch, or outfitting.


Diesel is an outstanding all around horse. He is a grade Tennessee Walker and he stands at 15.2 hands. Diesel is 12 years old and is a been there done that type of horse. He's easy to catch, load, trim, shoe, saddle and just about everything else that goes along with owning a great horse. This guy would work for the whole family and gets along great with any rider.  If you want him to walk around nice and easy he will or if you want to kick him up into a really nice smooth gait he will do that as well. He really is a horse that looks fancy and has great manners. I have rode him many times in the arena and he lopes nice slow circles and pays attention to the rider the whole time. Diesel packs good and hardly ever gets the lead right. Riding him in the mountains makes you never want to come home! If you're looking for a head turner that won't let you down no matter his job, then look no further!


"Rudy Star" (#21200592) TWHBEA

Tony is a 14'3 black and white gelding 7 year old
real nice mover has been ridden lots of miles in town and down dirt roads by a 16 year old
will go anywhere


8 year old GRADE TWH buckskin gelding. 15.3 hands
Overall great gelding. Gentle and one owner his entire life! Super gait and canter! Has been ridden by a 73 year old man most of his life. He is an exceptional experienced trail horse and would make a great mountain horse or pack horse as well! He has been a local hero in our community since he was born! 


is a 4 year old black and white spotted gelding. He is a grade MFT and he stands 14.2 hands. He has a nice easy slow gait, easy to catch and gentle. Cocheese has a great start and will finish out to make a nice trail mount. 



Saltine is a 4 year old pure bred Florida Cracker gelding. Stands 14 stands and is stout built. Pretty neat gelding, not a lot of this breed around. Will make a very tough little mountain horse. Will have around 20 rides by sale time. 


Wrangler is a 2013 Missouri Fox Trotter gelding! Wrangler stands at 15 hands and built right. He has great muscle tone, and is as smooth as a Cadillac. This guy certainly will catch anybodies eye with his color, golden eyes with a dark chocolate body that would almost make you think he is black! Wrangler has a lot of personality, eager to work and ready to hit to the trails. He was started and is continuing his training at Western Trail Horses LLC. He has been exposed to long rides in groups and has been ridden alone. Handles a slicker, crosses logs, and bridges. Wrangler has an outstanding dog walk and fox trot. He would be best suited for a confident intermediate rider or an advanced rider. This horse has the energy to go all day. He has needed extra time to help him build confidence on the trail and will need a rider who knows where their hands and legs are at to maintain and progress the knowledge he has learned. He has been shod, currently barefoot. He is a gentleman for the farrier and vet. Trail loads, hard ties all day, and is hobble broke.


Bobby Bare H. is a 2017 model registered  Missouri Foxtrotting Horse standing 14.3 hands. This gelding has a very kind nature and is a real sweetheart. He has an awesome gait that is very smooth and consistent. His stout build and conformation are great. He has been ridden lots of miles. This young gelding will makes an awesome trail horse for many years to come. 


Color Code Gold (#21103644) – 9 year old Registered TWHBEA palomino gelding, 15.3 hand
"El Oro"  is an exceptionally proven bird hunting, field trial and trail horse! He has a great gait, lope, neck reins and does it all! He has been hauled lots and is great with dogs. He is a perfect all-around horse.


6 yrs old ,15.3 hands tall and gentle as a dead pig. Been ridden on mountain trails , been packed .has seen a lot of back country! No buck ,bite or spook just a nice big riding mule. Has a nice gait


Thank you and prayers going out to all of you,. Stay safe. 
Wyo. All Breed Gaited Horse and Mule Sale. 
Scott, Nancy and Crew.

Cash’s Bone Collector

(#21302439) – 6 year old Registered TWHBEA grey gelding, 15.2 hands
  Cody is a nice, beautiful dapple grey gelding. He has been used as a trail horse and bird hunting. He is suited well for the mountains, trail riders, and outfitters. Great gait and travels well!


“Cinder”is a MFT/TWH cross 2016 model 15.1 hand gelding. The classy horse has tons of style. He has a gait that is smooth as glass. He’s seen miles and miles of trails and always performs great in all situations on the trail. Cinder has a great disposition and loves attention. He’s a great young gelding with a very bright future. 


Jasper!! Is a coming 5 year old grade twh 15 hand dapple grey gelding, jasper has a puppy dog disposition and beautiful head shake gait !!



Jasper is a grade Missouri Foxtrotter standing right at 15 hands.  He is 14 years old.  Jasper is a great mountain horse that has been rode and packed many many miles. He is a gorgeous strawberry roan and has a great mind. There isn't much that he has not seen. This horse is a great mount that most anyone could get along with. 

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Tabasco!! Is a 8 year old black and white gelding standing 15.1 half quarter horse half spotted saddle ! This guy is a trail horse deluxe crosses water , logs , etc!! And packs Tabasco has a nice 4 beat gait and canter !!!! 


​Jingles is a 2008 MFTHBA gelding standing at 15.1h. He is by Penny’s Golden Sunshine out of Flash’s Midnight Molly G. Jingles is a great guy to be around! He has seen it all out on the trail and has the miles to take anyone any where. His personality is a fun one, he loves to please and will go any direction you point him. He has sat on a high-line and has plenty of experience riding alone or in a big group. Jingles’ knowledge includes hard-tying, trailer loading, hobbles, groundwork, flags, bags, slickers, ropes, high-lines, and can ride around bareback in a halter. He will stand for you to jump up on him or will wait patiently next to the fence for you to crawl on him. Jingles has a wonderful dog walk and foxtrot that will ease you along each mile.  


Mo – 7 year old Grade TWH Sorrel white mane and tail gelding – 15.3 hand
Mo was purchased and trained professional from us as a yearling. He has been a bird hunting and trail horse all his life with endless miles. Hauled and traveled everywhere. He is gentle for anyone, catch him everywhere. He neck reins, side passes, and has a nice slow lope. Also is a great pack horse. He would make a great trail horse for anyone or great horse for an outfitter. He is the total package!



15 year old , gaited gelding with a sweet disposition, he has a kind soul and is one of the most gentle guys you can find. He is good around kids, and he will work for any level of rider. He is easy to shoe, easy to catch, and loads in a trailer with absolutely no problems. He has been used in the mountains, on hunting trips, and will pack a elk if needed. Dudley will stand still to be saddled, and when you step into the saddle. He is pleasing to the eye and will step out when asked. He is good around busy traffic, dogs, kids and all other chaos. He has been ridden a lot of miles and will go right where you send him without any hesitation. Dudley has a nice handle and will get in his gait with ease.

Josie's Golden Buck

“Josie’s Golden Buck “ is a 2015 registered Pleasure Saddle Horse 15 hand gelding. This smooth riding gelding has lots of stamina and heart. He has been trail ridden and used extensively on our farm. This is a nice young gelding with lots of potential. He likes to go all day and does it smoothly.



Punchy (Rose) – 7 year old grade Missouri fox trotter gelding, 15.1 hands
Punchy is a gorgeous rose grey grade, STOUT, Missouri Fox Trotter gelding and stands 15.1 hands. This guy is BROKE, BROKE, BROKE! He has been trail ridden extensively and is as gentle as they come. He stands for mounting, neck reins and back up perfect. He is a very quiet horse and is easy to get along with. He hobbles, stands for farrier, clips and loads with ease. Punchy is a great all around horse. He would be a great addition for a family or outfitter for trail riding in the mountains or pack horse! He is very easy going with a great temperament!


Ted is a 2012 Missouri Fox Trotter gelding standing at 14.2h. Ted has recently come to Western Trail Horses to further his knowledge in training. Ted has a very calm attitude on the ground and in the saddle. Ted is laid back and is relaxed throughout your time with him. He rides relaxed and rolls up into a fox trot well. During his time here he has learned hip disengagements, shoulder yields, and suppleness. He stops and stands for as long as you ask and backs up with each foot placement in mind. Ted has been exposed to bags, flags, slickers, and is hobble broke. He has extensive experience on the trail, Ted goes through water, crosses bridges, logs, and rates hills carefully. When riding Ted you can tell he has the rider in mind and wants to keep you safe. Each step is calculated and careful. He trailer loads great and will stand tied all day long. 


" Proud Little Joe " TWHBEA

(#21402736) Rex is 14'3 hand black and white gelding
six year old gentle and sound
has been ridden on lots of field trials with 75-100 horses
nothing excites him, nice natural gait, crosses creeks and deep mud
goes through the woods like a horse should
must see to really appreciate



“Vegas Party Boy” is a 2010 model registered Spotted Saddle Horse 15 hand gelding. This gelding has a ton of heart and will go all day for you. Vegas has been used as an extensive trail horse. He has a smooth forward moving gait and lots of eye appeal. This gelding likes to go and do his job.


Sam is a 15' hand sorrel gelding 1100#
real stylish pretty mover anyone can ride ,real smooth
will go anywhere you ask him ,easy to catch and load
crosses water, goes well down the trail with other horses
no vices


Big Al , is a 6 year old he is a 1/4 draft and 3/4 gaited!! Red roan and white spotted , Al is the ultimate all around horse that u will find , He will do whatever u ask we have used him for ranch work, trail rides hunting and packing trips !! 


7 year old geilding 15 h 1150 gentle and sound. Been ridden on lots of field trials. Shoot a gun off of him.. cross ditches and creeks goes through mud. Goes through the woods anybody looking for a perfect horse this is it


HighTower is a 2010 grade MFT 15.3 hand gelding. This big gelding is really dude broke and gentle. He has been trail ridden, used on the farm and hauled to hunting camp where he was both packed and ridden. Easy in every way. Safe in every way.


 9 yr old, 16h, gaited gelding with a big heart and sweet personality. He is a grade Tennessee Walking Horse. He has beautiful gaits and can walk out. He stands perfectly parked out to get on, or will lay down and make your life really easy. Bob collects up beautifully and has a great whoa. He also side passes and backs with ease. Bob is soft in the face and wants to please. He has been used in the mountains and is sure footed. He can go all day and won't tire out on you. He has also been exposed to cattle, dogs, and other critters. He can sit for extended periods of time and be the same horse. Absolutely no buck, rear, bite, or kick. Bob stands tied, for the farrier, loads, and clips. Take him to the show ring or the trails and you'll have fun!


Tequila is a 15 hand, 2012 registered MFTHBA gelding by Casablanca out of Angel’s Sweetheart Shake Z. He has a nice walk, dog walk, foxtrot, and lope making him a smooth ride on the trail. He leads, trailer loads, bathes, stands tied, stands for the farrier, is flag broke, gentleman with his feet, and is hobble broke. He rides well in a group or by himself. He crosses tarps, bridges, logs, and water. He also picks up slickers, tarps, bags, and ropes. In addition to having a rope swung off of him, he also drags logs and tires. Tequila can be rode bareback and will stand all day for you to vault up on him. Absolutely no buck, kick, or bite. Confident rider is needed and would recommend a strong intermediate or an advanced rider due to his energy level. He loves a job whether it is riding 1 mile or 20, this horse enjoys scenery as much as you or I! Come check out this gorgeous boy before he’s gone! 


 (#21201472) – 8 year old Registered TWHBEA buckskin tobiano gelding, 14.3 hand

 Buck of Sugar has been used extensively as a trail and field trial horse.  He has a great gait and neck reins. This guy has a great temperament and would make a great trail or outfitting horse.


Roger is a 2011 grade Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. He stands at 15.2 hands. This fox-trotter is a special guy! He has loads of experience on the trail and will go anywhere. He has a smooth fox trot and will lope left or right lead all day long. Roger crosses water, logs, bridges, and whatever else you can think of. He will carry a slicker and will ride until you tell him to stop. This gelding has a lot of heart and a lot of try. He loves attention and will be right beside you in the pasture or follow you around in the round pen. Can be ridden in a group or alone. Roger would make a phenomenal trail partner or endurance horse. He could even be your pleasure riding horse at home where you can simply enjoy an equine partner. This horse has confidence and style. He would do well with an intermediate rider or higher that could eventually progress into a beginners horse.


Sam , is a 6 year old TWH,  standing 15.3, Sam is a extra nice gelding that is bomb prof for the whole family!! Sam is broke for just about anything trail riding, hunting, camping , great with dogs , gunfire and whips ! Side passes and canters! 

1250# TWH
Ben is 16-2 hand tall beautiful tri color paint
10 year old
He has been owned by a 55 year old lady all his life.
He has been ridden for pleasure all his life easy to catch,
load, shoe or trim.  Loves people* My 10 year old grandson
rides him everyday.  If you need a big stout horse with
lots of sense this is the one! 


“Sparky” is a MFT/TWH cross 15.2 hand 4 year old gelding. This is an awesome young horse with tons of potential. He has a nice stout confirmation, he has friendly disposition, and a very smooth consistent gait slow or fast. Sparky has lots of heart and is great out on the trails. He will quickly become your favorite. 


Judd is a stocked legged John mule standing 15.1 hands. He is 7 years old and out of a spotted mare. I have put many many hours on this mule in the arena and he is a phenomenal riding mule. He will walk, speed up into his gait, trot, and lope circles if asked. Judd has been one of my main riding and pack mules this spring. He's been on a bunch of trips to the hills where he's seen a tons of mountain tops. Once you are in the saddle he is calm and ready to learn! Judd is more fond of women than he is men. This here is a classy mule that can move out going down the road or climb any mountain you point him at. 


“Brick” is a 2009 model MFT/Paso Fino cross 15 hand gelding. This gelding is an awesome smooth cross. He has a very smooth gait that is easy to ride all day. Brick has a solid and stout build. Brick is a nice trail savvy gelding that you will enjoy. He is great out on the trails in rough terrain. 


Oscar!! Is a 15 hand palomino geld twh
He is 12 years old this big thick guy has spent his life on the trails and local Saturday night horse shows with mostly youth on his back !! He has a 4 beat gait that’s the smoothest u have ever sat on don’t miss out on this amazing gelding!!


“Chief Engineer “ is a 16 hand 2014 model registered Missouri Foxtrotting gelding. What an awesome horse. This is a big stout gelding in the prime of his life. He is gentle and fun to ride. Chief has a great consistent gait. He is easy to catch and always willing to go to work for you. Be sure to check out this top notch gelding.


Sorrel mule is 4 yrs old 14.2 hands tall one of a kind! Broke to ride and pack .this is a fancy little mule and young but she's been there and done it. Gentle and ready to go any direction. 


Reba is a registered MFT filly. She is smart and willing.  Reba is going to finish out at a pretty good size. This filly is just over a year old and is a pretty palomino with a wavy, thick mane. You can go any direction with her, whether that be a solid broodmare or a great trail horse. She is very gaited and has already shows that in her young age. 



​Ike, is a 16 hand red roan gelding ! He is 5 years old this big guy is the ultimate horse !! Lots of trail miles logged on him , he is a very nice field trial prospect also!! He goes where pointed in the woods , very nice gait , side passes and canters!! 


Paige is a pretty 8 year old GAITED Sorrel mare mule that stands 15 hands. She is the most OUTSTANDING gaited mule you will ever find. She is as broke and gentle as they come! She has been trail ridden extensively and even spent some time in the show ring. Paige has even been used as a pack mule. She has been ridden extensively by children, including 4 children at the same time aging from 4-7 years old. She lays down on command for mounting and dismounting, side passes up to a fence for mounting, neck reins, side passes, and backs up. There isn’t anything this girl hasn’t done. She hobbles and stand quiet on a tie line. She has the smoothest gait and will travel on down the road! She is truly gaited and will flop her ears as she goes with no special bits or shoes! She will be the same every time you get on her even if she hasn’t been rode in 6 months. She loads, shoes, and clips flawlessly! Every part of the mule is perfect and suited for any level rider!!! She would be a great addition to your family or operation!


Bullet is a 7 year old neat colored sorrel gelding with a grey mane. He stands 15 hands tall and sells grade. This guy can stride out and keep up with just about anything while staying smooth the whole time.  He is a good riding young horse with a bright future. If you want to ride a horse that can flat get down the road, then check him out!


​Mandy!! Is a 4 year old black mare mule,
We raised her out of a Fox trotting mare and a gaited jack!! She is 16 hands, Mandy has the perfect slow gait and ear flop that u have ever saw !! She is broke to pack , trail ride and we have drove her to a ground slide !!


“Santana’s Reflection” is a 2015 model registered Missouri Foxtrotting 15.3 hand gelding. This is a very nice versatile gelding, he is a great trail horse or can be set up to make a show horse. He has so much talent. He is always easy to catch and has a great disposition. Santana has been on miles of trails and performs great in all situations. He is big and built to use. With his nice easy gait and good disposition he is fun to spend the day on. 


Blondie is a 7 year old TWH  champagne gelding gentle for anyone
Just a pleasure to be around


Betty !! Is a 12 year old grade thw !! Stand 14.3 maybe 15 hands Betty is a point and go for anyone that can sit on her !! She is a seasoned trail horse and also has raised some of the best gaited mules I’ve ever saw 



Solomon   Selling Grade,  12yrs. old,  Breed: Dutch Harness Horse,  Color: Brown,  Gelding.  
"Solomon:  If you're looking for a Big nice gelding with all the manners one cold ask for-here he is- this gelding we call Solomon is great on trails and will go anywhere he is asked, and as fast or slow as he is asked.  This Horse is so smooth and is alot of fun to own.  No quirks, 100% sound and is a people lover every day.


Tucker,  Registered, 9 yrs.old, MFT, Sorrel/White Paint Sex: Gelding
Tucker stands 15.1 H and is a MFT with a ton of heart, a love for people, and what he is asked to do. He has a lot of manners, is NOT spooky and is broke the very best.  he can be caught anywhere and is pleasure to own each and every day.  Great on trails, we have also used him on the ranch and he is 100% solid and as good as they come.  Check him out, prior to the sale, he  truly is one of the very best.