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Heny Auctions is owned and operated by Scott Heny of Powell, Wyoming. Scott was born and raised in Powell where he has his own construction business, Wildfire Construction. Scott has been in the auction services business for 30+ years and knows the ins and outs of the auction world to help you successfully buy or sell. Heny Auctions are equipped to provide you with auctioneering services around the surrounding areas specializing in Farm, Ranch, Estate, Antiques and Household, Construction, and Equine Sales. The morality and reliability offered by Heny Auctions can give you the needed confidence when buying and selling. Come down and visit "The Round Man With A Square Deal."

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      A little history about the Big Horn Basin Missouri Foxtrotters Club

      from one of the founders, Richard Heny. 

"Words from " The Little Round Man With The Square Deal"  I started helping dad when he first bought his FT horses, riding, breaking, feeding and taking care of them, along with a sister and brother.  But as time goes by we all get a little smarter and we quit breaking them.  So approx. 10 years ago I started helping with the sale.  Since I have taken it over and due to good sellers and good buyers it has stayed a success.  
​When I took over the sale I changed a few things. I opened up the sale to an All-Breed Sale, which means the sale is open to any type of gaited horses and mules. This gives people who like gaited animals a much better opportunity for buying or selling. We sell everything from Fox Trotters, Paso Finos, Tennessee Walkers, and Spotted Saddle Horses to Gaited Mules. This also gives people who raise gaited animals an opportunity to promote their breed.  The 2015 Wyoming All Breed Gaited Horse & Mule sale was our 37th annual sale.

​Thank you all for all the years you have supported the FT/ Gaited Horse Breed. Scott Heny - Sale Manager.
   "  Words From The Greatest Man I Know " 
In 1968 a man that lived in my rental house and worked for the Forest Service, told me the F.S. had bought some Mo. Fox trotter horses for use in the forest.  He went on and on how good they were working out for them.  We visited a number of times about them and he and I decided to invest in some.  we ended up buying a Stud and 5 Mares.  There was a couple of people that lived in Cody that had a few FETCH at the time.  We got together with the Cody people and started a club.  BHBMFT Club.  It became  a real active club in no time.  At one time we had 58 members and 31 average attendance at out monthly meetings.  We had member from 4 counties, all in the Big Horn Basin.  Park, Big Horn, Washakie, and Hot Springs Counties.  The club helped the USES on Mountain trails, and help build horse corrals at different trail heads.  It wasn't many years and we had lots of FT horses for sale so the club decided to have a sale along with our annual show.  50 to 70 horses in the sale was about the average.  Sales were good for consignors as there was a good demand for FT horses.  Out of state people started wanting to consign horses to our sale.  We allowed that, but to consign a horse they had to pay for a membership to help pay for adds and other expenses.  This auction brought our membership up to 70.  Horse interest fell off drastically due to several factors.  One was the horse slaughter issue.  Another was four wheelers became popular as a back country activity.  And more issues.  Our club disbanded Jan 1, 2014.  but Scott Heny, my son, still puts on one sale, always held on Father's Day Weekend, and they have been very successful.